Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Training in ratlam

Why Enroll in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Training?

Appin Ratlam Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Training Institute has presented a new Certificate in Cyber ​​Security Training and Ethical Hacking Training in Ratlam, saying it will help address the shortage of Cyber ​​Security professionals. In today’s world, it depends on computers, technology, and the Internet so it is important to keep the information and information stored inside computers safe. The world has become smaller and easier to reach people but this has increased the number of data leaks, hacking and unauthorized access.

To prevent such incidents, it is important to keep computers and the Internet safe. This is where Cyber ​​Security comes into play. If you want to work diligently as an IT specialist or Cyber ​​Security Expert, our organization comes with a Certification course in Cyber ​​Security Training in Ratlam just for you. You will learn how to keep computers and networks safe from security breaches. This tutorial will provide you with in-depth information on Internet security and security measures that prevent cyber attacks on your computer. Below are all the Cyber Security Training Courses we provide at our institute:

Certification in Ethical Hacking
Duration 3 Month
Certified Ethical Hacking Associate
Duration 6 Month
Diploma in Ethical Hacking
Duration 12 Month
Python ProgrammingPython ProgrammingAll Content of 6 month course +
FootprintingFootprintingWeb development
ScanningScanningIntro to information security
Viruses and WormsViruses and WormsData Security
Windows and Mobile HackingWindows and mobile hackingWeb security
Website HackingWebsite HackingNetwork security
Data RecoveryData Recoveryinformation security management system
Software CrackingSoftware CrackingCommunication security
Linux and unix InternalsCyber Laws and IT Acts
Vulnerability Assesment
Penetration Testing
OWASP Top 10
Bug bounty hunting
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